Stay abreast of the latest news in comic books, movies, graphic novels, and other super hero-related media!

  1. Super Hero Hype
    SHH is a film website which focuses on adaptations of comic books and graphic novels, as well as original superhero films. The main site houses a wide variety of content for upcoming films, including interviews, trailers, screenshots, and constant status updates for dozens of projects.
  2. Panel Surfing
    An excellent blog by Jason Versaggi, with such fantastic gems as this one about Jerry Robinson's artwork up for auction.
  3. Comic Zone Radio lets you listen to great free internet radio interviews with comic book legends such as Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, just to name a few!
  4. Well-Defined Productions
    The blog and online home of J.C. Vaughn.
  5. IGN Comics
    IGN Comics is an excellent resource for comics featuring reviews, forums, trade paperbacks, features, news, toys, and comics to film.
  6. Previews and the latest upcoming Diamond Comics news.
  7. Newsarama is a great site to find comic book news, previews & reviews, as well as TV shows and moves.
  8. Hero Complex is the LA Times' news source for all super hero-related media, from movies and TV to comics and games. It also features a number of up-to-date blogs.