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The biggest and best comic seller in the world is hands down  They are the largest seller of Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze Age comic books that were originally published between the 1930s through the 1970s. They also spend over $5 Million each year buying comic books from other comic sellers and collectors.

If you are looking for a modern comic seller you may want to see what WestfieldComics has to offer.  If you want to have the latest titles from Marvel and DC Comics shipped right to your door, be sure to look at MailOrderComics as an excellent comic seller to get you what you need.
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If you’d like to buy comic books from comic sellers all over the world, is at the top of the A List.  They were the first to sell a comic book for $1 Million, and again set the world record with the sale of Action Comics #1 in Very Fine Plus condition for $1.5 Million. If you are a comic seller yourself, you can also list your comic books for sale to sell comics on their site for only a 10% commission. They primarily specialize in comic books that are worth at least $200 or more, and are a much better option than eBay for high-end material.

The comic book industry is simply enormous, and generates millions each year. The blockbuster movie spinoffs in movie theaters is huge, and so is the market for vintage, hard-to-find comics from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages of comic books. The merchandise from all of these popular titles fuels an active market of collectibles, and it can be a daunting task for a comic seller, dealer, or auctioneer to connect with his market, and then to get a fair appraisal of the collections.

Here at Comic Seller, we try to link buyers and sellers, so that they can purchase and auction those mint or near-mint Batman comics, or that rare Action Comic collectible. And not only will you find great tools to help you buy and sell books here, but we can also put you in touch with grading services to help you appraise your collection!

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